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Feedback from our valued customers

Tony Jones

Infinite Energy were able to offer various competitive solutions across the multiple scenarios I put to them, resulting in a package that works fantastically. The Infinite team are super helpful and friendly with great technical knowledge of their product, would definitely recommend.

Tineke & Quentin Hayes
We recently had solar installed by Infinite Energy. We never felt pressured but were given lots of information to enable us to make an informed decision. Everything from the quoting phase to the follow up was smooth and professional. We dealt with a number of different staff members who were all exceptionally helpful, willingly gave huge amounts of their time and nothing was a bother. Even now as we navigate the new system, they are still supporting us as needed. We highly recommend the team at Infinite Energy. Better still, they are local so are always nearby to help if need be.
Mark & Ann Sutton

A big thank you to the Infinite Energy Team for the prompt, professional and efficient handling of our solar installation.  It was a smooth, seamless operation from the first contact we had with you at the Wanaka show, we were a little dubious about making the change, however, all our questions and concerns were dealt with really well.

Miranda Huston
Jacks Point

Infinite Energy were incredibly efficient and professional to deal with and we would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone interested in installing solar. The sleek black panels fit the aesthetic of our house and we have been thrilled with the savings we have made to date.

Solar Panels at Alex Eltheringtons house in Christchurch
Alex Eltherington

A fantastic experience from start to finish. We we requested a quote from three different companies and the only one that got back to us with any sensible advice was the team at Infinite. They were helpful, honest and on point with everything we needed to know. On the day of the install the guys turned up at 8am and we were up and running by 3pm with the whole setup complete and tidied up by the time I got home from work. I can’t recommend the service enough. We’ve had the system in and running for a couple of weeks now, we’ve seen good weather and bad and the power generated is great even on an off day. Several people had warned me not to get solar yet because the technology isn’t there but from what I’ve seen already I think they would change their minds. All in all, great experience, great service, great system and great future savings.

Solar Panels at Richard and Marion Gardens house in Nearby
Richard & Marion Garden

We appreciated the hard work done by the team installing our solar system. They maintained the integrity of our architecturally designed house and everything was done to ensure that the impact of the refit was kept to an absolute minimum. The team did such a tidy job and everyone was lovely to deal with. They were all very personable and they always stopped to answer our questions. They even checked with us all throughout the job to make sure that we were happy with what they were doing. We are so thrilled with the whole experience, we need to say a huge thank you to everyone involved.

Solar Array on roof Alexandra
Phil Peguero

Last Tuesday marked three months since the Infinite team commissioned our new solar system here in Alexandra.  We thought you might like to hear from us our observations on the performance of the system since then.

It is fair to say that the performance has exceeded our expectations so far and has certainly exceeded the design targets.

In the 90 days since commissioning:

  • The system has operated trouble free with no need for us to call on your team for any assistance.
  • We have consumed 2400 Kwh of power, consistent with our historic use over Summer/Autumn.
  • The value of that power, based on our pre-solar pricing plan, was $924.
  • The nett amount we paid to our electricity provider (Meridian) was zero. (while we did pay for some Purchased Energy in the period it was more than compensated for by the Feed-In energy credits)
  • After paying our provider nothing we are still in credit by about $50.  My calculation for self sufficiency for the period is 102%.

The past three months is measured roughly on three months following a mid-summer date so is probably a good indicator of expected performance in the future for a 6 month period over summer.

We now look forward to seeing what a winter period performance will look like.  Of course we will expect a significant drop off in this kind of performance and we are already seeing a decline in the figures but we are sure we will still get worthwhile benefits.

As a matter of interest, even if we got no more benefit at all for the next 9 months our annualised return on investment for that last three months has been 3.4%. i.e this is a locked in guaranteed minimum annual ROI.

We thank your team for their good work on our system. They have our full admiration and support.

Solar panels at Michael Langs house in Christchurch
Michael Lang

The team at Infinite Energy have been absolutely fantastic from day one. The ongoing support and service we’ve received is a a credit to their professionalism and approachability. If you’re looking for great service like we used to get ‘back in the day’, Infinite Energy are the team for you. They will not try to sell you something bigger than you need – it’s about right-sizing the system for your house and usage patterns, and they work hard to design the right system for you. The install was fast, clean and tidy – they really do care how the final install looks visually. I think we’re actually going to save more money than initially predicted. This is in part due to the excellent web-based / phone app monitoring that comes with the solar inverter, giving real time usage information as well as generation information. If we ever wanted to increase the size of our system or install solar on another property if we move house, we’d use Infinite Energy again without even considering anyone else.

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