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Forest Lodge


Project Description

In 2020, Aurora Energy (local network operator) went to market for non-network solutions to manage congestion on the Upper Clutha electricity distribution network. This network is fed directly from the lines that run from Cromwell to Wanaka.

In recent years this network has seen massive residential growth, plus a major uptake of pivot irrigation for agriculture and dairy production. As a result, the network provider is facing significant cost to upgrade this part of the network to accommodate these peak demands.

The design at Forest Lodge is a multi-faceted solution, delivering benefit to the land owner – as well as helping to develop a robust pilot model to demonstrate the benefits of connected, distributed energy & storage assets on local networks.



Forest Lodge

Project Date

August 2021

Innovative Solution

The key functionality of this system is to:

• Provide a diesel free, 100% renewable energy solution for the horticultural venture.

• Provide battery capacity for network peak demand management.

• Respond to network CPD ripples to ensure network power is not used during peak congestion.

• Respond to retail spot pricing signals to enable export when market pricing is high.

• Provide stand-alone back up power for frost fighting in the unlikely event of a network power cut during frost season.

• Integrate with intelligent software algorithm (developed by owner) to ramp exported power based on market prompt.

• Provide return on investment through energy arbitrage when cycling batteries.

This project delivers benefits to multiple stakeholders, demonstrating a positive future for large scale generation and battery deployments connected to networks.


Infinite Energy & Forest Lodge Orchard were awarded “best grid connected solution” at the national sustainable energy awards (SEANZ Conference 2021)


Arki Architecture is a New-York-based studio practice focused on modern design, interiors and landscapes. From our inception in 2007, we have delivered exceptional public. As a full-service firm, Arki is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived in the beginning with clients are manif.


  • Exterior Design
  • Working with local community
  • Advanced Enginerring Technique
  • Supplying Material

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