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DCD Homes


Project Description

This beautifully built lakeside property at Jack’s Point Preserve was designed by Rafe Maclean Architects and built by DCD Homes. The property known as Te Toka (The Rock) won multiple awards at the 2021 Registered Master Builders Awards ceremony.


Te Toka - Built by DCD Homes

Project Date


Innovative Solution

The builders and off shore owners were looking for full back up power to cover critical loads (including heating and ventilation). We installed two levels of energy security with a large engineered/ballasted solar array (installed on shingle roof top), and three phase inverters with lithium ion battery storage. The system functions as a grid tied hybrid when the grid is connected and operational, then reverts to stand alone in the event of a power outage, with a third level of redundancy catered for with a large Caterpillar three phase 60kVa diesel generator.



Registered Master Builders:
Regional Supreme Winner 2021
Regional Craftsmanship Award 2021
Regional Category Winners 2021
Gold Award 2021
Regional Lifestyle Award 2021
Regional Lifestyle Sustainable Award 2021
Regional Lifestyle Bathroom Award 2021

Home built by DCD Homes in Queenstown

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