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Our Process

Our Process


Site Assessment – One of our experienced solar consultants will initially conduct a site assessment at your home with you to ascertain key factors such as current energy usage, the required solar system size, roof type, strength, structural integrity, surface space, angle, orientation, and sunlight exposure. They will also evaluate your performance, expectations and budget.  

An excellent design requires an excellent brief.


Solar System Design – After completing the site assessment, our team will design a customised solar system tailored property. This design includes the layout of solar panels, the choice of an appropriate inverter, battery and any necessary electrical components. This design will model the production and performance of the proposed system and produce accurate return on investment calculations.


Documentation – Once a quote is accepted we commence with getting your paperwork and approvals in order – We will file network paperwork in order to gain approval for your system. This is to ensure your local lines company will support the connection of your new residential solar system to the grid. This is taken care of early in the process, as the timing of approval varies between network suppliers.


Installation – Depending on your system size and roof type, installation typically takes between 1-3 days. During this process, our team of electricians and solar installers will mount and wire the panels, install the inverter/batteries, connect it to your internet router or cellular network for monitoring, set up any additional controls for hot water or appliances and prepare the system to be turned on.


Connection – Once the installation is completed the system is required to be independently inspected and is not able to be turned on until the inspector has issued an ROI (Record of inspection).

After a final approval from your local inspector, lines company and import/export meter installation, your solar system is switched on so you can start producing solar energy.


Monitoring – Our solar systems come with an online monitoring portal, which will allow you to see how much energy your solar panels are generating as well as real time energy consumption; helping to make the most of your system.  Our solar installers will download the app onto your device and explain how to login to your system at the time of installation.

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Infinite Energy specialise in the design and installation of customised solar power and battery solutions. 

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Roxburgh Pool Array
Ground Mount Array at Dingleburn Station
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