Why Solar?

The sun provides an abundant source of free energy – in fact the amount of energy that lands on the earth from the sun in just one hour would provide enough energy to power the entire globe for a year. We can all do more to take advantage of this infinite source of readily available, clean and free energy. Solar energy is no longer considered ‘alternative’ – it is now used as a major source of renewable energy around the world. The cost of solar systems has reduced significantly in recent years, while power prices have continued to increase. So there has never been a better time to install a solar system....

About Infinite Energy – What We Do

Take control of your energy future and no longer be at the mercy of ever-increasing power prices. With an unlimited source of energy from the sun, you can tap into this free resource and unleash the potential of your home’s roof.

Infinite Energy NZ is committed to providing you with an individualised solar system and energy efficiency plan which is right for your lifestyle, family and energy needs.

Why Choose Infinite Energy?

Our Products and Suppliers

We have a hand-picked supply chain of top quality brands and products based on quality, reliability, value and performance.
We also have a New Zealand-exclusive relationship with the Hi-Min Solar Energy Group in China. The company is a world leader in the production of solar thermal products and is also the primary owner of the Solar Valley in China, which is the biggest solar production base in the world.

Hi-Min products come to New Zealand after extensive testing and come with industry standard international certification, warranties and guarantees.

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