What We Offer

One of the major values that underpins everything we do is “great design”. When we think of great design, we think about integrated energy solutions. Systems that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We are very mindful of our aesthetic footprint, and take pride in leading the industry with the installation of hundreds of solar power systems that blend in to the roof… not stand out.
Great design is also about providing the best products and solutions for each individual property and energy requirement.

We enjoy delivering simple solutions to complex problems – and delight in our customers seeing tangible benefits through savings, as well as energy resilience.

We are market leaders in the design and installation of BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) with a number of solar & battery systems deployed in the Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes regions.

Architects and Builders

Infinite Energy have a wealth of experience in working across many facets of construction. Our team of electricians bring knowledge and experience across many electrical disciplines and can ensure the delivery of an integrated, cohesive energy solution.

We bring the technical skills to ensure that our customers achieve the maximum benefits from their renewable energy investments, providing advice, design and installation on energy generation, energy storage, back up power, EV charging, water heating, space heating, and system control/automation.

We take great pride in the non-intrusive aesthetic of the systems that we design and install – and can guarantee the utmost respect to architectural design.

Attention to detail is critical to what we do. We bring excellent systems and processes to our work and guarantee a ‘right first time’ solution and accurate, tidy workmanship. We bring the same attitude to health and safety and take pride in our track record.


We take the time to understand the unique needs of each of our customers. We won’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the energy system for your home.

We tailor each design to meet your current and future energy needs.

With qualified Homestar Practitioners in our design team, you can be sure we’ll recommend solutions to help you get the very best results for your home and energy usage.


The introduction of lithium ion storage batteries has made a major impact on the benefits of residential solar power installations. Not only do batteries allow surplus daytime power generation to be stored for use at night, they also support energy use throughout the day and help smooth out energy peaks when generation alone is not enough.

All of this ensures you make the most of your generated solar energy. The other key benefit of many ‘hybrid’ solar power systems (and all that are installed by Infinite Energy) is the ability to provide a back-up power supply in the event of a network failure. The right battery coupled to your solar power system can both increase your grid independence and self-sufficiency, but also provide grid resilience.

Infinite Energy are leaders in the design and installation of the latest battery technologies and can provide systems for all unique requirements.


Design and planning is critical to delivering off-grid systems that are fit for purpose. Infinite Energy undertake a thorough process to determine total energy requirements, particularly ‘peak’ energy requirements (kWp) and design systems according to each specific need. Our experienced design team and installation team work together to deliver fit for purpose off-grid systems coupling latest inverters, battery chargers, lithium battery technology and back up generators.

Whether you are considering off-grid for lifestyle reasons, or due to prohibitive grid connection costs – Infinite Energy can design a high quality solution for your needs and have a track record of several local installations (from remote huts to >250m2 family homes) to reference.

Bespoke Design

Infinite Energy apply a scientific approach to all system designs to remove the guess work.

Solar power systems are made up of a mix of highly technical electronic components, and we feel strongly that it should not be sold as ‘just a product’. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to energy. As such, we view each design as being unique to individual circumstances/requirements. You can rest assured that what is designed for your property will be a ‘solution’ to cater to your current and future energy needs. This includes detailed modelling of annualised output based on average weather data for your region, specific product efficiencies, as well as unique site consideration such as roof pitch and orientation, near shading impediments and impact on sunshine hours from topography or the built environment.

This scientific approach to design ensures detailed output models, which bring much greater accuracy to consumption forecasts and return on investment calculations.


Solar Power is an ideal fit with many commercial sites, as the time of peak generation and load consumption Infinite Energy’s focus on design will ensure you have the best possible data and information to help guide your commercial solar power investment decisions.

Our experienced designers and solar design software will generate accurate monthly output information, allowing us to size a PV array to help maximise your investment.


IInfinite Energy employ a number of qualified tradesmen electricians who not only work on our solar power and battery installations – but also offer quality electrical solutions to our clients.

Our team can work with you on your new build project or renovation to provide electrical plans, lighting plans, and full electrical installs.

We work with leading electrical supplies wholesalers and represent a range of brands that ensure you’ll have a great selection of fixtures and fittings to bring personality and design flair to your property.

PowerHouse Design

PowerHouse Design is an extension of Infinite Energy, with the mission of delivering whole of home, integrated energy solutions. This encompasses solar energy, battery storage, back up power supply, electric central heating (hydronic heat pump), MHRV (mechanical heat recovery ventilation), electric water heating, heat pump water heaters, air conditioning, appliance controls, and smart home management.

The team behind PowerHouse Design are immersed in latest building science and innovations, with two team members being qualified Homestar Practitioners.

Our teams work with leading Passive House architects and builders on a range of smart, low energy properties and bring a wealth of design, technical and product specific experience that can be applied to your building project.