PowerHouse Design is an extension of Infinite Energy, with the mission of delivering whole of home, integrated energy solutions.

This encompasses solar energy, battery storage, back up power supply, electric central heating (hydronic heat pump), MHRV (mechanical heat recovery ventilation), electric water heating, heat pump water heaters, air conditioning, appliance controls, and smart home management.

The team behind PowerHouse Design are immersed in latest building science and innovations, with two team members being qualified Homestar Practitioners.
Our teams work with leading Passive House architects and builders on a range of smart, low energy properties and bring a wealth of design, technical and product specific experience that can be applied to your building project.

A PowerHouse Design consultation is best conducted during the design and planning process. For the very best outcomes and integrated energy solutions, you need to work with our teams at concept stage.


The team at PowerHouse will work with you and your design professionals to get the very best results from your thermal envelope. Our science based process will evaluate your building design and thermal performance – then develop an energy solution to meet the needs of your unique building.

A heat load calculation will show what energy is required to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature year round, while a solar and battery design will determine how much of your energy requirement can be generated by you, minimising the requirement for grid power.

With ‘great design leading to great outcomes’ the ultimate outcome for us and our clients is a thermally efficient building requiring minimal heating or cooling, powered by a smart, highly self-sufficient energy system.

The PowerHouse offer is about combining a series of leading products into one cohesive, tailored solution.