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Nick Weaving

Nick Weaving

Install Team Leader – Christchurch

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  • +64 3 445 0572


Nick, a skilled electrician and self-proclaimed talented football player, hails from the UK and now serves as the new Team Leader of the Infinite Energy NZ team in the Canterbury region. He takes pride in his job as it allows him to brighten people’s lives by bringing sunshine through solar energy. In addition, Nick has an extraordinary talent for juggling, which he would undoubtedly impress everyone with if we held an office talent show.

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Infinite Energy specialise in the design and installation of customised solar power and battery solutions. 

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Roxburgh Pool Array
Ground Mount Array at Dingleburn Station
Panels on the roof of Connectics in Christchurch
Peter Vials House in Alexandra

44C McNulty Road, Cromwell. Central Otago

P. 0800 287 3786E.