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Solar energy is, hands down the most promising clean energy option for Kiwi homes and businesses. Utilising solar energy is a smart financial move. But you might wonder, where exactly do the great cost savings you’ve heard associated with solar, come from? In this blog, we’ll talk more about how the savings work. Harnessing the...
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One common myth about solar panels is that they are only effective during the summer. Yes the combination of longer days and sunny weather does see an increased output in summer but winter conditions can also be very efficient. Many customers are also familiar with solar water heating, which is completely different technology.  Solar power...
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New Zealand is electrifying our transport fleet and industry at an alarming rate – which is great news for our carbon emissions and climate targets, but have we put the cart before the horse? In the last year, we’ve burnt more coal than ever before (and it’s all imported) to keep pace with the demands...
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Peter Vials house in Alexandra
The Benefits of Solar & Storage Infinite Energy was commissioned to design and install a solar and battery system in 2021 for our client, Peter. The brief was complex, with the solution to deliver benefits on a number of levels. Often working from home and in an area experiencing regular power outages, Peter required a...
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Infinite Energy specialise in the design and installation of customised solar power and battery solutions. 

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Roxburgh Pool Array
Ground Mount Array at Dingleburn Station
Panels on the roof of Connectics in Christchurch
Peter Vials House in Alexandra

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