Water Heating FAQ’s

Water Heating FAQ

Are the any subsidies available?

No – there have previously been subsidies offered by government and or local bodies, however there are currently no subsidies available for solar water heating.

Do I need a special cylinder?

In most cases, yes. As we recommend the installation of ‘closed loop’ systems, your cylinder will require a coil that we can connect the solar water heating system to. Many cylinders are ‘solar ready’… though often they’ll only contain an inlet/outlet for circulating water and therefore cannot be used on a closed loop.

How much can I save?

In the average New Zealand household – water heating accounts for approximately 35% of all energy usage. A correctly sized and professionally installed solar water heating system could reduce this energy use by 75%. So, if your power bill is $300 per month, the average portion for water heating would be $105… and the potential saving would be $78.75 per month.

How much do these units weigh?

A 32 tube system for a large family hot water cylinder weighs about 120kg but is spread over multiple purlins on your roof. In almost all cases, you will not require structural alterations to mount a system to your roof.

If there is no sun, will I still have hot water?

Absolutely – a correctly installed system will always have a backup supply/boost, usually in the form of a traditional electric element.

Is there water in the tubes?

No – our modern evacuated tubes to do contain water. They contain a small amount of anti-freeze liquid which absorbs and transfers heat.

We have extremely cold winters – can solar water heating handle the cold?

Absolutely, but it is critical that you install the right system for your climate/region. Infinite Energy NZ prefer to install closed loop systems which circulate a glycol (anti-freeze) solution, meaning you’ll never have to worry about frost protection.

What is the optimum install angle?

Ideally we like to install solar water heating systems facing as close to true North as possible – however if your roof is only a few degrees East or West of North, performance drops will be minimal. The ideal installation angle/pitch should typically be similar to the latitude of your location (for example, 45° in much of Central Otago). However many customers prefer to mount flush to their roof, in which case we recommend a minimum of 30-35° for best system performance.

Will I require a building consent?

Yes – most councils or local authorities will require a building consent to install solar water heating.

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