Solar Hot Water


How does it work?

Roof mounted solar water heaters work by absorbing energy/heat from the sun and transferring this heat to the water in your cylinder.

We prefer to install in-direct or closed loop systems as they offer in-built frost protection and there are no issues with degradation due to water quality.


Our Hi-Min evacuated tubes (which do not contain water) work by absorbing and transferring heat to a closed copper pipe loop containing glycol (anti-freeze) that circulates through a coil in your hot water cylinder. This, in turn, heats your water. Evacuated tubes are an incredibly efficient and reliable way to heat water.

Roof mounted evacuated tubes are preferred to ‘flat plate collectors’ as they are more efficient, especially in low light in winter conditions, are more reliable in cool climates – and overall provide a very cost effective and incredibly efficient water heating solution.

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